Research Areas of Professors

Research Fields of the Faculty Members


Research Fields

Dr. Seyed Nozadi

Disease Control and Epidemiology

Role of Lifestyle in Health

Dr. Khajeh Dalouyi

Cost Studies- Effectiveness and Cost- Profitability in Healthcare System Services

Narcotics and Substance Abuse (social and economic burden, relationship with diseases)

Research in the Healthcare System, Studies on the Analysis of the Costs of Preventative Trials

Burden of Diseases

Dr. Erfanian

Evaluation of Behavioral Patterns in the Incidence of Some Infectious Diseases (AIDS and hepatitis)

Evaluation of the Influential Social Factors in the Incidence and Persistence of Drug Addiction in the Community

Dr. Mousavi Bazaz

Medical Training and Research in Education

Spiritual Health

Philosophy of Medicine

Health Economy (health insurances, economic evaluation of healthcare programs, supply and demand)

Alternative Medicine

Preventative Medicine (lifestyle, study of health risk factors, social determinants of health)

Evidence-based Medicine

Management in the Healthcare System (study in the systems of healthcare services)

Dr. Jarahi

Research Methodology in Practice

Harm Reduction & Preventative Medicine

Women’s Health Promotion

Medical Education

Dr. Dadgar

Drug Abuse and its Effects

Health Systems Research


Forensic Epidemiology

Quality of Life

Burden of Disease

KAB Study

Cancer Prevention

Population Study

Medical Education

Evaluation Programs

Dr. Vakili

Epidemiology of Lifestyle-related Risky Behaviors in the Middle East and other Parts of the World

Applying Behavioral Models (e.g., Transtheoretical Model, Health Belief Model) to Recognize the Lifestyle-related Risky Behaviors in the Community

Motivational Interview to Reduce Lifestyle-related Risky Behaviors

Brief Interventions to Reduce Lifestyle-related Risky Behaviors


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